The current Council for the Aged Kempton Park was firstly named “Die Kempton Parkse Vereeniging vir die belange van bejaardes” and the name was changed in 1994 to the Council for the Aged Kempton Park.

The land on which the Allen Park Service Centre and Housing Complex is built on, belonged to the Allen family who farmed here from 1896 to 1963. The land was then donated to the people of Kempton Park with the understanding that the land must be used to erect a facility for the benefit of the Senior citizens of Kempton Park.

A Service Centre was built and a housing complex on the land. It was operational by 1978. The housing complex, now known by the name “Platteland” was later extended by the building a three story complex of flats named “Hillbrow”.246 flats were available to rent out to the elderly residents.

The Service Centre caters for meals and functions and many wonderful events take place here. Mrs Annetjie Bester was the Organiser and also the Nursing Sister that catered for the medical needs of the elderly. A 10 bed sick bay was later added.

A 20 bed Frail care centre “Huis Erna” was in operation in Church street in Kempton Park for many years and was later sold when a brand new Frail Care Centre was built on the grounds of Allen Park. This facility has been extended twice and can now accommodate 56 frail persons. 10 Flats were later altered and changed to an Assisted Living complex for mid-care. It is named after a former Director of the Council for the Aged, Ms. Pierette Roux.

The need for housing grew and the following Retirement Villages were added through the years. Siebert Roos Park 17 units, Immergroen 11 units, Lenitas 77 units and the newest Vergelegen 37 units. These four retirement villages of the Council for the Aged Kempton Park are sold on the Life Right Scheme.

The Council for the Aged Kempton Park also has an outreach program to the Phomolong community next to Tembisa. A Service Centre is operational four days a week where the elderly receive cooked meals and are kept busy with needlework and arts and crafts. They also tend to their own vegetable gardens.

In 2015 a wall of remembrance was erected on the Allen Park grounds with over 600 niches for the ashes of beloved family members who have passed on. This wall is dedicated to the Allen family in honour of their generous support in the past.

Love, Protection and Care has always been the matter of the Council for the Aged Kempton Park through the years and the various Managers of the Council for the Aged have always strived to uphold this motto.